Saturday, May 30, 2020

Durian Fruit Season

Traveling in Manokwari
Durian fruits
A few days ago, I enjoyed a short sightseeing tour around the suburban area of my town. I visited the northern region of Table mountains. It was afternoon time and the weather was quite hot. The road behind this mountain looked almost empty. Very few motorized vehicles passed through. At the roadside, there was a man unloading some durian fruits which he had just taken from the nearby fruit garden and put them onto a table.
We was selling durians. They were tropical fruits. Most people from the Western Countries whom I used to guide do not like durians. They said the fruits have got bad or strong smell. But there are some who like this tropical fruit. However, a lot of people in tropical countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philipines and Thailand like durians very much. 
Traveling in Manokwari city, the capital of Papua Barat province in Indonesia
Road near Table Mountain
Every fruiting season, a lot of people go to the markets or to roadsides where durians are offered by vendors. I asked the man who was arranging his durings how much they were. He said, 100,000 rupiahs per 3 fruits. Well, the fruiting season was in its early stage. For the next two to three months, more durians will fill the markets and roadsides. They will be cheaper, perhaps 15 or 20 thousand rupiahs per fruit.
Durian has got sweet taste. That's why a lot of people like it. Most often the fruits are packaged in watertight and smell proof containers and sent to other towns. 
I remember an Italian lady who used to send me email that she would come to my town if there were durians. Well, I might send her an email with an attached photograph of these newly arrived durings from the jungle. This was written by Charles Roring

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