Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Health Benefits of Regular Walking Exercises

I regularly do walking exercises. I usually start walking at 15.00 local time. I do not have specific walking duration or minimum walking distance that I have to reach. For me, I just want to enjoy my time doing a healthy sports.
Endurance - In the past I liked to jog. I could run around the soccerfield for 6 to 8 times. Now I reduce my jogging activity and replace it with walking exercise. The main reason is to prevent unnecessary burden on my knees.
I could feel the difference in my body endurance between regular exercise and not doing exercise for at least one month. I could get better endurance in my daily activities if I also did regular physical exercises. I will not easily be attacked by bacteria or virus.
Swiss tourists were enjoying walking tour along the sides of Mesirrokow river
Swiss tourusts were walking along the sides of Mesirrokow river
Feeling more refreshed - I mostly do my walking exercise around my neighborhood. There schools, government office, military base and shops as well as houses of city dwellers. When I walk, I can see beautiful flowers in the front yards of the above building as well as meet other people. Psychologically, I feel more refreshed. My brain or my mind is more relaxed after that exercise. I can do my job better.
Eye Strain Relief - Outdoor walking exercise is very important for my eye health. When I work, I mostly spend my time writing articles, answering emails, whatsapp or drawing or editting photos using my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A. After spending several hours looking on tablet screen, I feel eye strain. It was uncomfortable. My eyes become fatique and suffery blurry vision. Now I wear glasses. So, I feel that I should improve the health of my eyes. Outdoor walking exercise is a very affordable and healthy solution for me.
There are still a lot of positive health benefits that I get from this simple sport. I may write them in my other blog posts.
Importance of Maintaining Safe Heart Rate
I could also walk around the football field for 8 times without suffering any pains in my knee joints. When I perform jogging sport, my heart rate will be faster. This is not good for longterm exercise. I could achive the same distance by walking without having to experience faster heartbeat.
Although walking or jogging exercise is good for hour health, it is not the only solution to make our body healthy. We must support it with having good rest, eating healthy food and maintaining healthy lifestyle. written by LCR.
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