Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Health Benefits of Fruit Breakfast

sliced watermelon is good for our health because it contains fiber and water that will clean our digestive system
sliced watermelon
We need fiber in our food
Eating a combine mixture of sliced fruits is healthier than drinking fruit juice. Most of the fruits contain sugar. When they are consumed as juice, they can suddenly increase levels of blood sugar in our body. Fruit juice is liquid that is lack of fiber. When we eat fruits as sliced ones, they still contain fiber. Sugar will be absorbed by our body slowly or gradually. The fiber will also pass through our digestive system.  The fiber cleans our intestines. The micro-nutrients or vitamins are gradually released when we work, drive or do sports.

Dietary Supplements 
Some people who do not have time to prepare sliced fruits for their breakfast often consume dietary supplements. Well, they must not be considered as an equal substitute for our conventional foods. In certain cases, people who are involved in a lot of physical activities such as construction workers, sportsmen or sports-women, farmers, may need food supplements to augment the supply of energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids.
Because, most of the food supplements contain these important components, they are mostly used by sportsmen to maintain their fitness, improve performance during competition and reduce excessive body fats.
Well, people who want to use dietary supplements need to read articles about them that are available in books or online sources or seek advice from a dietician or nutritionist. written by LCR

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