Friday, April 10, 2020

Cycling in Manokwari

I like to ride my mountain bike to rainforest. The destination is Table Mountain, northern and southern coast of Manokwari. This is a beautiful coastal city in West Papua. As a matter of fact, West Papua province in Indonesia is a very nice place for cycling and mountain biking tours. There are several routes that I like to pedal through including Southern Coast, Northern Coast, Mount Soribo, Pasir Putih and Cape Bakaro. These places are suitable for mountain bikers.
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with Italian tourist Marcus Lageder was posing for a picture with Dore bay as the background
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with an Italian Tourist
Cycling Along the Beach
If you prefer to ride bicycles along the beach, then the perfect route for you is the roads from the city to Pasir Putih beach, Abasi and Bakaro. Here, you can enjoy smooth ride while exploring the coastal area that is covered with white sandy beach. Stop at Pasir Putih beach or Bakaro beach if you want to swim in its turquoise water.
Charles Roring was mountain biking in Table Mountain of Manokwari
Mountain biking in Table Mountain
Cycling in the Mountains 
In recent years, I and my friends have developed several tracks in the jungle for mountain bikers who want to enjoy cycling through the tropical rainforest of West Papua. The mountain bike tours in the jungle can be considered as an adventure for anybody who wants to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the trees, birds, butterflies and flowers, as well as the giant trees of the rainforest that cover the mountainous and coastal areas of Manokwari regency. The Arfak mountains provide one of the best downhill. Several cycling routes the combine mountainous and coastal areas can be found in Pantura, Mount Botak to District Momi Waren and District Ransiki. 
Logistical and Technical Support from MTB Community
There is a mountain bike community in Manokwari called MTB Manokwari. The members of this club can provide technical assistance related to the preparation of the trip and logistical support of the mountain bike tour. Every month, cyclists from MTB Manokwari conduct various mountain bike tours to areas as far as Bintuni, Prafi and Pami. The best track for nature lover would be the Pami river. Bikers have to be physically fit if they want to ride through this adventurous route.
If you are interested in taking a rainforest mountain biking tour in Manokwari, please, contact me via my e-mail I will be happy to arrange your cycling trip in this beautiful town and its surrounding raiforest.
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