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Palm Sugar Industry in Rambunan Village

Rambunan is famous for its traditional palm sugar production. The village can be reached by motorized vehicle in one and a half hours ride from Manado, the capital city of the province North Sulawesi.
It is under the administration of Sonder sub-regency. This village is famous for its palm sugar production. The palm sugar that the villagers produce is of very high quality. It can be considered as an organic farming produce. Farmers in Rambunan do not use chemicals both in the plants and the production process of palm sugar.
In Minahasa, palm sugar is called gula batu (stone sugar) or gula merah (red sugar). In other parts of Indonesia, people call it gula Aren.
Rambunan village in Minahasa Regency of Indonesia
Rambunan Village in Minahasa regency
One or two kilometers before entering the village, we will see rows of Saguer trees. From these trees, farmers tap the sap out of palm blossoms. The sap has to be sweet. Usually it is collected in a bamboo tube. To make it sweet, farmers wash the tube until it is clean, free from the previous sap. If it is not washed, its tastes will be sour and contained alcohol. Minahasan like to drink it as palm wine.  After the sap has been collected, it will be "cooked" in small fire until it is boiling. Water will evaporate leaving thick and hot liquid sugar. Farmer will pour it into half-cut coconut shells. As the liquid sugar settle in the shells, it will become cooler. The liquid sugar will crystalize and becomes hard. Farmers will take them out of the coconut shells and put each of them into plastic packaging ready to be sent to traditional market or supermarkets.
Saguer palm tree whose sweet sap is used as raw material for making palm sugar
Saguer Palm Tree (Arenga pinnata)
Palm sugar is one of the main ingredients in many of Minahasan (and Indonesian) food and cookies, for instance, dodol. Its color is like chocolate. It is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and palm sugar. People like to eat it because it is healthy and delicious.
Palm sugar in Minahasa is traditionally made from the sap of aren palm tree
Palm Sugar made of the sap of Saguer tree
The palm sugar home industry in Rambunan has been run by the villagers for generations. Now their number is getting fewer. Youth in Rambunan village prefers to find other jobs leaving their village for big cities in Indonesia or even abroad.

Coral Bleaching and Global Warming

Coral reefs around the world are facing the events of bleaching as a result of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels to run cars, power factories; and the burning of woods as land clearing for agriculture purposes, forest fires during long dry season increase the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Such increases bring side effects that are harmful to the survivability of coral reefs such as
- increase in sea surface temperatures (SSTs)
- rising sea levels
- more frequent and severe storms
Several days ago, NHK - a national Japanese TV station - aired a program which showed how teachers in Okinawa prefecture taught elementary school children the influence of climate change to coral reefs. After explaining the importance of corals to the marine environment, the teachers brought the school children to the nearby beach to measure the color of the corals using coral indicator. The indicator has color gradation ranging from D1 to D6. The D1 is white indicating bleached coral whereas the D6 which is the darkest color meaning the coral is healthy.
Coral reef in the waters of Mansinam island, Indonesia
Coral Reef at Sra-Oseri beach of Mansinam islands
Over the period of three to six months, they found out that the color of corals were getting brighter. It means that the corals are dying or bleaching. The program showed the tragic event of how the symbiotic algae or zooxanthellaes were leaving the dying coral when exposed to abnormal heat, and UV lights.
NHK also showed how most corals in the southern region of the islands had died as a result of rising sea temperature. Fishermen who catch small coral fish reported that their catch was far less than the previous year. When diving among the corals to catch fish with their net, they saw how severe the bleaching was.
A Japanese professor invented a tool that helps young coral to grow in the shelves. When entering summer, coral release "eggs" that will "fly" and land on these shelves. The "eggs" are safe in the gaps of the shelves. They can grow to become young coral. After one year, the professor would dismantle the shelves with the living corals and implant each of them to places where corals had died of bleaching. This way, he hopes that the condition of the dying coral reefs will be restored.
Saving coral reefs should be the concern of everybody. We can work together to reduce the global warming. When we burn less, we have saved more corals from bleaching. A simple thing that we can do is going to work by bike, wear thicker clothes at home instead of burning woods or turning on the room heater. We can also participate in beach clean-up, plant more trees along the river banks to stop or reduce soil sediments from flooding to the sea and smother the corals. by Charles Roring
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Tropical House in Manokwari

A few days ago, I went to Kampung Ambon atas. Its an area in Manokwari city. I went there to make some pictures of an old concrete house which was constructed by the Dutch for their civil servant who worked for the Netherlands Nieuw Guinea. It is clear that it is not a typical wooden house of Arfak Mountains. This is a typical tropical house that shows how the ventilation system is installed to keep the indoor temperature as cool or fresh as possible. If we see its jalousie windows, large openings were made above them. The openings can also be seen above the doors. These openings are covered with mosquito nets to prevent the insects from entering the house and spreading the malaria to the occupants of the house. In addition, the wooden windows of the bedroom have been designed to allow air flowing in and out through the harmonica holes of the windows. The design of this house is not complicated. It can be drawn easily if someone who has been commissioned for it does his architectural works using Archicad, a BIM software that is widely used in home and building design.
tropical concrete house in Manokwari constructed during the Dutch era
Tropical House in Manokwari
This passive cooling system is effective in cooling the indoor the temperature and is also efficient. This efficient ventilation prevents the home owner of spending a lot of money on buying fans and air conditioning machines. Manokwari was a small town in West Papua. It is located closer to the equator where the day temperature is high but also with high humidity. Well designed ventilation system is vital in ensuring that the tropical house is comfortable. The Netherlands left West Papua in 1962. The houses which they built in Manokwari and other towns in West Papua are used as reference by the current Indonesian architects when they want to design and build new houses.
typical ventilation in a tropical house in Indonesia as passive cooling sytem
Ventilation through jalousie wooden windows
If we look carefully at the photograph, the roof that was installed is not made of metal sheets. It is difficult to find such roof now. Today, most of the houses in Manokwari use corrugated metal roof that is cheaper but with several disadvantageous. The corrugated metal sheet roofs can easily become very hut during the sunny weather and will be noisy during heavy rain. Although they are not comfortable during the extreme weather condition, city dwellers in Manokwari prefer to use them because they are cheaper and more durable. Of course new houses that are now being built in this city have begun to use ceramic roof tiles that are more expensive than the ordinary asbestos and corrugated metal sheets.
Old Dutch tropical house in Manokwari city of Indonesia
Old Dutch tropical house in Manokwari city
Only a few wealthy families who can afford to buy them because such construction materials are still imported from big cities in Java, especially Jakarta and Surabaya. When they have been locally manufactured, they will be cheaper. A little addition has been added by the occupants of this house. They made a small shade above the front door to protect the living room from receiving too much glaring sunlight in the afternoon. by Charles Roring

Tropical Wooden Houses

Tropical wooden houses in Minahasa have been around for hundreds of years. Most of the Minahasan people live in houses that are constructed from wood. Cempaka, Merbau,  and Natoh (Latin: Micelia celebica) are the main types of wood used in the house construction due to their hardness and durability in resisting wet climate of the tropical weather. In addition, they are more resistant to termite attack. Most of the earthquake resistant wooden houses of Minahasa are single and two floors constructions. Besides they are more suitable to hot and high moisture climate, wooden houses are chosen for aesthetic reasons. All of the rooms in a traditional wood house of Minahasa have ventilation holes. Jalousie glass windows are the preferred choice because they allow sunlight to penetrate the rooms even when they are closed. They enable the air to flow freely in and out of the house. Most of the ventilation in bedrooms are covered with mosquito nets. 
Wooden home in Minahasa regency
Wooden house in tropical island of Sulawesi
Minahasa is a regency in the province of North Sulawesi of the Republic of Indonesia that is surrounded by several active volcanoes such as Mount Lokon, and Mount Soputan. In addition, it is located within the ring of fire of the Pacific Ocean where tectonic earthquake frequently occurs.
If we explore wooden house thoroughly, we will see that ladders are installed one at the front of the house which enables guests to come up directly to the second floor (where the living room is located) and the other at the back of the house connecting the second floor with the kitchen (which is located at the ground floor). The ground floor is usually allocated for the storage of agricultural produce (such as clove, rice, peanuts, and coffee), parking area for cars, and kitchen. Typical Minahasan wood houses have large yard area where the owners (whose profession as farmers) dry their agricultural commodity under the sun. Minahasan people like to grow clove and coconut trees in front of their houses. They also grow various flowers at the front yard as decoration that beautify the outside appearance of the house. The second floor is usually allocated for bedrooms and living room. These ladders stiffen and strengthen the construction of the wooden house against horizontal movements caused by tectonic and volcanic earthquakes. 
In the past the roof of the wooden houses are made of palm leaves. Because of frequent fire incident, today's wood houses have roof made of metal sheets which in Indonesia are called daun seng. Ordinary thin corrugated metal roof is actually not suitable for house construction in Minahasa whose atmosphere is often filled by sulphur emitted by the volcanoes but the local people there do not have other option. Actually the manufacturers of the metal roof need to produce metal roof sheets that are more resistant to corrosion caused by high sulphur content in air. 
Today the Minahasan wooden houses are being exported in the form of knock-down package that can be ordered directly from the internet and shipped in containers. House builders will be sent to help the buyer of the house construct the package.
Earthquake Resistant Wood House.
What is green home?
The Ceiling and Windows of Wooden House

Wooden Houses Jalousie Windows

Earthquake resistant wooden houses in tropical region often use jalousie windows (usually located above or beside the glass windows) as ventilation system for the cooling of rooms. Generally, glass louvred jalousie windows are installed at the front walls near the verandah or at the living room where house owners receive their guests. The louvre windows brighten the indoor rooms because they allow not only the fresh air to enter the houses but also the sunlight. 
Since the day temperature can reach 31 degrees Celcius at night and 27 degrees Celcius at night, the ventilation holes will be not fully closed. This is different from houses in northern and southern region of the earth where the temperature can reach zero degrees Celcius or where there is snow during winter season. 
To filter the dust from the street from flying into the rooms, house owners usually install transparent curtain sheets or drapes behind the glass louvred windows. 
Green and flower plants are natural air filter that people in tropical region usually grow at the front-yard of the houses.
The curtain also improves the privacy of the house owner because people cannot easily see the interior of the house except at nights when the lamps are on. The glass windows can be covered by curtain if the owner does not want people from the street to see the interior of the house. Hardwood jalousie windows can usually be seen in the walls of bedrooms. 
Wooden house in Indonesia with glass windows
Typical Wooden House in Tropical Indonesia
glass louver windows in a tropical house
Glass-louvered windows
The combination of jalousie hardwood ventilation holes with glass-louvre windows is the most common type of ventilation system in tropical houses. Because wooden houses use timber for the frames, walls and windows, they have to be specially treated. Wooden structures need to be covered with paints or varnished to protect them from water vapor that can cause them to rot. 
In tropical region, jalousie windows are considered environmentally friendly because they don't need electrical energy to enable air circulation. This ventilation system allows trade wind to flow naturally into and out of a house. However, malaria is a serious disease in tropical region, all of the jalousie louvre windows have to be covered with mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, especially the bedrooms at nights. by Charles Roring

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Tropical Rainforest a Great Tourist Attraction

Tropical rainforest - an attractive tourist destination

I don't know whether you agree with the above title or not but as a tourist guide, I have been escorting tourists hiking around the tropical rainforest of Manokwari city of Indonesia. They traveled from such countries as Russia, Norway, England and the Netherlands to watch birds, butterflies, as well as orchids in their natural habitats. I always write my experience traveling with them at my blog Ecotourism Manokwari Papua. Tourists who come to the rainforest of Table Mountain or Arfak Mountains will have the change to see the beauty of the wildlife and the forest vegetation that cannot be seen outside tropical region. For example, the sulphur crested cockatoo and the birds of paradise have always been great attractions to nature lovers. Birds are the most effective seed dispersers. It means they are the ones that expand the forest area or that restore the deforested region. So, when travelers go hiking in the tropical rainforest, they do not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe fresh air or take photographs of wild animals but also study the functions of each component of the forest ecosystem.
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo from Rainforest of West Papua

Snorkeling and Coral Reef Preservation

German tourist was snorkeling in Raja Ampat
A German tourist was snorkeling in West Papua's Raja Ampat archipelago
Snorkeling is a water sport activity where you swim on the surface of the water while wearing mask and snorkel. With this device, you can see things under the surface of the water and protect your eyes from irritation.

The best snorkeling experience can be achieved when you swim over coral reef. This marine ecosystem is the habitat of various species of ornamental fish and corals. Use underwater camera to take pictures of them. People who cannot swim may enjoy snorkeling by wearing life-jacket.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Scaly-breasted Kingfisher

Scaly-breasted Kingfisher in Mount Mahawu of Sulawesi island
Scaly-breasted Kingfisher
This is the photograph of Scaly-breasted Kingfisher (Actenoides princeps) that I saw in the forest of Mount Mahawu several kilometers from Tomohon town. I organized bird trip for 4 Taiwanese tourists at that time. We were walking along the trails inside the forest when we saw the bird roosting on the branch of a tree around 1.5 meters above the ground. It was a very good sighting because the bird stayed on the branch for more than 5 minutes.
The bird is an important target among birders who want to see endemic avifauna of Sulawesi. As a tourist guide, I run birding tours to this region for visitors who want to go to Sulawesi for watching birds or seeing the natural beauty of its landscapes. In addition to watching birds, visitors could see local people who are working in the farmlands, or making traditional palm sugar or even see how local villagers make metal farming tools.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wisata Nonton Burung di Hutan Sorong

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya memandu 3  wisatawan pengamat burung dari Inggris. Mereka adalah Alan, Jill, dan Alison yang perjalanan wisatanya diatur oleh Naturetrek. Kami pergi ke hutan-hutan di pinggiran kota Sorong dari kawasan pantai hingga wilayah perbukitan. Kami mencarter sebuah kendaraan untuk melakukan perjalanan wisata ini. Kami membawa binocular, dan spotting-scope. Di hari pertama tur pengamatan burung, saya menjemput mereka di Pelabuhan Usaha Mina. Jalanan nampak sepi. Mobil Toyota Avanza yang membawa kami bergerak laju ke luar kota dan terus ke daerah yang ada hutannya.
Burung Luri Kepala Hitam
Burung Luri Kepala Hitam

Health Benefits of Regular Walking Exercises

I regularly do walking exercises. I usually start walking at 15.00 local time. I do not have specific walking duration or minimum walking distance that I have to reach. For me, I just want to enjoy my time doing a healthy sports.
Endurance - In the past I liked to jog. I could run around the soccerfield for 6 to 8 times. Now I reduce my jogging activity and replace it with walking exercise. The main reason is to prevent unnecessary burden on my knees.
I could feel the difference in my body endurance between regular exercise and not doing exercise for at least one month. I could get better endurance in my daily activities if I also did regular physical exercises. I will not easily be attacked by bacteria or virus.
Swiss tourists were enjoying walking tour along the sides of Mesirrokow river
Swiss tourusts were walking along the sides of Mesirrokow river

Health Benefits of Fruit Breakfast

sliced watermelon is good for our health because it contains fiber and water that will clean our digestive system
sliced watermelon
We need fiber in our food
Eating a combine mixture of sliced fruits is healthier than drinking fruit juice. Most of the fruits contain sugar. When they are consumed as juice, they can suddenly increase levels of blood sugar in our body. Fruit juice is liquid that is lack of fiber. When we eat fruits as sliced ones, they still contain fiber. Sugar will be absorbed by our body slowly or gradually. The fiber will also pass through our digestive system.  The fiber cleans our intestines. The micro-nutrients or vitamins are gradually released when we work, drive or do sports.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cycling in Manokwari

I like riding my mountain bike in the afternoons as my way to refresh my mind after the usual 9 to 5 working time at my work. For me cycling is my hobby. I can spend one hour exploring the coastal road on the west of Manokwari town. I usually leave home at 4 and reach the Bakaro beach at around 5.15. I will sit there for a while at a gazebo to see the waves landing on the rocky beach before riding back to Kompleks Missi. The bicycle that I use is the Cozmic DX 2.0. It is a dirt jump bike that was manufactured by Polygon. Polygon is a famous bicycle manufacturer in Indonesia. The company has produced various types of bicycles from the ones that are suitable for office workers to the mountain bikes that are good for terrains in West Papua's north coast.
Georgie, a university student from the United Kingdom was cycling in Manokwari
British student was cycling in Manokwari

Bike Commuting

How can we promote bike commuting or urban cycling among city dwellers who are used to riding motorcycles or driving cars? This is an important question that all of us need to answer.
Percentages of Bike Commuting Lifestyle
On page 7 of Making Cycling Irresistable: Lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany written by John Pucher and Ralph Buehler, I found some interesting figures. Bike commuting (travel to work or school) accounts for 28 % in Germany, 32% in the Netherlands and 35% in Denmark. These are technologically advanced states in Europe where car ownership is almost universal. Most of their citizens have got cars but they take up cycling as their preferred mode of transportation due to its health, economic, social and environmental benefits.
Some women were cycling as a late afternoon sports and sightseeing activity in Makassar city.
Some women were cycling in Makassar

Mountain Biking in the Rainforest

I like to ride my mountain bike to rainforest. The destination is Table Mountain, northern and southern coast of Manokwari. This is a beautiful coastal city in West Papua. As a matter of fact, West Papua province in Indonesia is a very nice place for cycling and mountain biking tours. There are several routes that I like to pedal through including Southern Coast, Northern Coast, Mount Soribo, Pasir Putih and Cape Bakaro. These places are suitable for mountain bikers.
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with Italian tourist Marcus Lageder was posing for a picture with Dore bay as the background
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with an Italian Tourist

Friday, April 10, 2020

Cycling in Manokwari

I like to ride my mountain bike to rainforest. The destination is Table Mountain, northern and southern coast of Manokwari. This is a beautiful coastal city in West Papua. As a matter of fact, West Papua province in Indonesia is a very nice place for cycling and mountain biking tours. There are several routes that I like to pedal through including Southern Coast, Northern Coast, Mount Soribo, Pasir Putih and Cape Bakaro. These places are suitable for mountain bikers.
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with Italian tourist Marcus Lageder was posing for a picture with Dore bay as the background
Mountain Bike Community in Manokwari with an Italian Tourist

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Makanan dengan Nutrisi Anti Stress

Mie ayam, sambal, lemon, es teh tawar dan telur.
Ilustrasi makanan yang sering dijumpai
di mall-mall di Indonesia

Ketika kita sedang bepergian setiap hari, sepenuhnya mengandalkan kafé-kafé, dan warung di mall atau di pinggir jalan untuk makan, hal ini akan mengganggu manajemen gula darah, sistem kekebalan dan pencernaan kita. Jika kita tidak memilih makanan secara bijaksana, hal tersebut akan terjadi.
Memahami bagaimana tingkat gula darah berfluktuasi sepanjang hari adalah hal utama yang menentukan bagaimana kita makan dengan baik. Apa yang kita makan akan mempengaruhi kondisi tubuh kita dan apa yang kita rasakan. Kemudian, kalau kita bisa menggabungkan makanan yang meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh dengan yang melawan racun (toxin) maka tubuh kita dapat berfungsi dengan baik secara emosional maupun biologis.
Ketika berada di kota besar yang penuh polusi, kemacetan, dan tingkat stress yang tinggi, kita bisa secara bijaksana memilih makanan sehat di toko atau restoran. Mari kita lihat gaya hidup di kota dari seseorang yang sibuk dengan usahanya sendiri atau bekerja di kantor. Karena tidak memiliki waktu untuk sarapan di rumah, ia akan mampir di warung makan pinggir jalan atau di dekat tempat kerjanya. Mungkin dia akan membeli kopi/ teh manis, makan kue tradisional, nasi rawon atau nasi goreng. Meskipun rasanya enak, energi dan gula yang disuplai oleh makanan itu kadang berlebihan.

Hindari Sarapan Pagi dengan Gula yang berlebihan
Jika Anda hanya bepergian keliling kota sambil duduk di dalam mobil, kemudian mampir di salon kecantikan, tukang pangkas rambut serta toko baju, sarapan pagi Anda yang cocok adalah sepotong kue tradisional, atau roti, serta teh tawar. Mengganti minuman panas yang terlalu manis dengan yoghurt, air putih juga baik. Jika Anda akan bepergian ke lokasi wisata dengan berjalan kaki yang lama di dalam hutan yang berbukit dan banyak tanjakan terjalnya di bawah terik matahari, maka makanan yang mengandung karbohidrat seperti nasi goreng, pisang goreng atau roti panggang isi selai adalah pilihan yang baik. Jangan lupa membawa sebotol air mineral, biskuit, dan minuman pengganti ion tubuh seperti pocari sweat di dalam tas.

Nutrisi anti-stress
Bepergian di kota yang padat penduduk, dan semrawut bisa mengakibatkan seseorang mengalami stress. Ada banyak makanan yang mengandung nutrient-nutrient bermanfaat bagi tubuh untuk melawan stress. Ketika seseorang stress, kelenjar adrenal dalam tubuhnya akan melepas adrenalin, yang kemudian akan melepas gula darah yang tersimpan sebagai energi; hal ini memicu pelepasan insulin yang berguna untuk menjaga agar tingkat gula darah tidak naik terlalu tinggi.
Jadi makanan mana yang cocok untuk melawan efek negatif dari stress? Nutrisi utama yang dibutuhkan untuk kehidupan masyarakat urban adalah yang mengandung magnesium dan vitamin C. Keduanya mendukung kelenjar adrenal dan dibutuhkan terus-menerus. Pada jam-jam sibuk dan saat menggunakan transportasi publik, jalan terburu-buru untuk mengejar bus, berbondong-bondong di bandara untuk nail pesawat, atau kereta api adalah stress yang umumnya dialami seseorang yang sedang bepergian baik di dalam kota besar, antar kota maupun ke tempat-tempat jauh.

Makanan kaya magnesium
  • Tahu dan tempe
  • Kacang-kacangan
  • Sayuran berdaun hijau
  • Ikan
  • Alpukat
  • dan lain-lain

Makanan kaya vitamin C
  • Jeruk
  • Nanas
  • Mangga
  • Kiwi
  • Pepaya
  • Strawbery
  • Pisang
  • Buah-buahan segar lainnya
  • Cabe Merah

Makanan kaya vitamin B
  • Sayuran hijau
  • Beras merah
  • Produk mengandung susu
  • Telur
  • Hati
  • Jagung
  • Kacang kedelai
  • Wheatgerm
  • Bijih bunga matahari
  • Lentils
Nutrisi anti stress juga bermanfaat bagi siapa saja yang melakukan perjalan penuh tantangan di alam terbuka.
Saat ini dunia kita sedang dihadapkan pada penyebaran virus corona atau Covid-19 yang menjangkau hampir seluruh negara di dunia. Oleh karena itu pemerintah masing-masing negara menerapkan pembatasan pergerakkan penduduk dan meminta setiap orang untuk tetap berada di rumah selama wabah penyakit ini masih berlangsung.
Karena terlalu lama tinggal di dalam rumah, orang mulai bosan dan stress. Selain menikmati sejumlah makanan anti stress, yang tersebut di atas, setiap orang dapat melakukan aktivitas lain seperti menulis, menggambar, olah raga dalam ruangan seperti basket mini, senam atau membersihkan rumah dan memperbaiki peralatan rumah tangga yang rusak.

  • Surviving the City: Maximum Health for Urban Living
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COVID-19 Melalui Lensa Mikroskop

Photos of Sars-Cov-2  from NIAID Integrated Research Facility in Fort Derick, Maryland, the USA.
Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (World Health Organization -WHO) menyatakan penyebaran Covid-19 sebagai pandemik pada 11 Maret. Saat ini 1,17 juta orang telah terinfeksi virus-korona di seluruh dunia dengan korban jiwa hampir 65.000 orang, menurut laporan WHO.
Ilmuan pada NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) di Fort Derick, Maryland telah mempublikasikan foto-foto SARS-CoV-2 yang juga dikenal sebagai the novel coronavirus, yakni virus yang mengakibatkan COVID-19.
Untuk mencegah penyebaran penyakit tersebut, berbagai negara eropa telah mendeklarasi keadaan darurat, dan menerapkan jam malam yang secara signifikan memperlambat aktivitas ekonomi, yang juga berakibat pada tingkat polusi udara yang lebih rendah.
Sementara itu, ilmuan di seluruh dunia sedang berusaha mengembangkan sebuah vaksin yang melawan penyakit virus korona tersebut, yang terus menerus membunuh ribuan orang setiap hari.
Sumber berita: Covid-19 Through the Lens of a Microscope

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Obat Anti Parasitik Nampaknya Efektif dalam Menyembuhkan Viruscorona

Ilmuan Australia menerbitkan sebuah laporan yang menunjukkan bahwa obat anti parasitik dapat menurunkan beban virus hingga 5.000 kali dalam sebuah kultur sel yang terinfeksi virus Covid-19.
Anti parasitic drug ivermectin could be effective in fighting coronavirus
Obat Anti Parasitik Ivermectin
Ilmuan Australia telah menerbitkan penelitian yang menunjukkan bahwa ivermectin, sebuah obat anti-parasitik yang disetujui yang tersedia di seluruh dunia, sangat efektif dalam melawan virus Covid-19 ketika diberikan kepada kultur cell yang terinfeksi. Pandemi viruscorona telah menginfeksi lebih dari satu juta orang di seluruh dunia dan menyebabkan lebih dari 50.000 kematian. Hingga saat ini belum ada vaksin atau treatment untuk menyembuhkan penyakit tersebut.
Ivermectin mengurangi beban coronavirus in vitro
Studi kerja sama yang dipimpin oleh Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) dari Universitas Monash dengan Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity menunjukkan bahwa ivermectin mengurangi RNA viral Covid-19 yang ada di dalam kultur sel hingga 93% setelah 24 jam dan hingga 99.8% setelah 48 jam - kurang lebih pengurangan RNA Viruscorona hingga 5.000 kali, menunjukkan bahwa perawatan dengan Ivermectin mengarah pada hilangnya "semua bahan viral yang mendasar."
Dr. Kylie Wagstaff dari Institut Penemuan Obatbio Monash mengatakan,"Kami menemukan bahwa satu dosis tunggal pada dasarnya bisa menghilangkan semua RNA viral dalam 48 jam dan bahkan dalam 24 jam benar-benar ada pengurangan jumlah virus tersebut."
Dr. Wagstaff memperingatkan bahwa uji-coba tersebut dilakukan invitro dan pengujian perlu dilakukan pada manusia untuk melihat apakah obat tersebut benar-benar efektif dalam melawan Covid-19.
Anti Viral yang efektif mungkin adalah kunci dalam melawan Covid-19
Laporan tersebut mengatakan bahwa pengembangan anti-viral yang efektif terhadap viruskorona, jika diberikan lebih awal pada pasien yang terinfeksi dapat membatasi beban viralnya, menghentikan perkembangan penyakit tersebut dan mencegah penyebarannya. Mereka percaya bahwa ivermectin bisa menjadi antiviral yang bermanfaat dalam melawan Covid-19.
Ivermectin sedang dipelajari juga sebagai perawatan yang potensial bagi sejumlah virus lain termasuk demam berdarah, HIV, dan Zika. Obat tersebut berada dalam daftar obat-obat mendasar WHO untuk perawatan infeksi parasit termasuk beberapa di antaranya adalah kutu kepala, skabies (penyakit kulit menular yang sangat gatal disebabkan oleh tungau keci), riverblindness, threadworm (gejala cacing benang) dan whipworm (cacing cambuk).

Sumber berita: Anti-parasite drug ivermectin shown to be effective against coronavirus.
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Friday, April 3, 2020

Marine Life in Sansapor

During the Pacific War, Sansapor was a small village. It became the base for American forces who landed there in 1944 to fight the Japanese forces in the region. Warships, fighter planes and bombers were stationed in the islands of Amsterdam and Middleburg as well as the nearby Werur village. The war has been over for very long time. Sansapor is now called Sausapor and has become a small coastal town. In this peaceful environment, coral reef in Sansapor waters has grown again teeming with a lot of marine life. This can also be seen in the above islands.
explore rainforest and coral reef as well as tropical islands of Tambrauw
Adventure in Tambrauw regency of Indonesia
Two hours by speed boat from Sausapor to the east, there is a beach called Jen Womom. It is the nesting ground of leatherback - the largest species of sea turtle. The nesting season has come. Hundreds of leatherback and other species of sea turtles land on the beach to lay their eggs.
The rainforest around Sausapor town is also a highly recommended destination for visitors who like trekking. It is the habitat of a lot of unique tropical plants including arboreal and terrestrial orchids, glowing mushrooms, bamboo, and hardwood trees. I used to see a terrestrial orchid  flower that was emitting fragrant smell. Its petals were white.
I organized a number of rainforest and coral reef tours to Sausapor region several years ago especially in Syuan river, and Syugrar river. We spent 4 to 5 days camping there. It was a nice experience, we did riverwalk trips and watched Blyth's Hornbill, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Palm Cockatoo, Black-capped Lory, Little Egret, Grey Crow, and a lot of other birds that live in West Papua's forest.
Tambrauw regency has got a lot of beautiful sceneries both in the mountains and coastal areas.
Indonesia has closed access to foreign tourists who want to travel around this country due to rapid spread of coronavirus. In the future, when this "Covid-19" storm has been over, visitors can visit this regency again. - written by Charles Roring
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