Thursday, January 9, 2020

We need rainforest

Everyone of us needs rainforest whether we realize it or not. Tropical rainforest absorbs carbon dioxide gases that we emit when we breath, or when we drive our cars and motorcycles or when we cook in the kitchen  and warm our rooms using firewood, gas or kerosene. During the day when the sunlight reaches the forest, it is used by trees to perform photosynthesis. With the help of sunlight, plants turn carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen. The oxygen that is released into the atmosphere will later be used by all living organisms to survive.
In recent years, the long-term rise of the earth's temperature, famously known as global warming, has attracted the attention of international communities. Tropical rainforests play vital role in absorbing green house gases. More people now visit rainforest as tourists who want to see the beauty of its biodiversity and scenery or as researchers who want to know more about the complex relationships of organisms that live inside the rainforest.
Our understanding about rainforest is getting better now with the availability of videos, uploaded in video sharing websites like Youtube and Facebook by people who visit rainforests. The videos can be about birds, reptiles, mammals, insects or the life of indigenous people in the rainforest.
Tropical rainforest in West Papua province of Indonesia
Tropical Rainforest in Indonesia
Our Renewable Resources for Everything
Construction and Household Materials
Rainforest produce trees that are exploited by humans to make various kinds of timber products. When they are sent to furniture industry, they will be turned into office and dining tables, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, photo-frame, dressing table, and a lot more. Wood is still a very important materials for house and building constructions. Tribes who live near or in the forest take wood, bamboo, rattan, leaves, and other kinds of fiber to build houses and household equipment. Traditional fisherman often go to the forest to cut trees as their raw materials for making boats.
Resources for Foods
When we walk inside rainforest, we will see various kinds of plants. There are the ones that produce fruits such as mango, matoa, rambutan, durian, langsat, jackfruit and a lot more. There are also bamboo shoot, mushrooms, and young leaves or buds from such plants as fern, gnetum gnemon that are used as  vegetables. For carbohydrates or staple foods, the indigenous people in South-east Asia harvest sago flour, banana, cassava, and bread fruit. Aren and coconut trees produce sap that can be used to make palm sugar. The same sap can also be fermented and distilled to make alcoholic liquor.
Rainforest is the source of protein. Tribes still go to rainforest to set-up traps or to hunt animals such as deer, boar, or wallaby. They catch fish in the river by using hook and line, fishing spears or traps.
Traditional Medicines
Indigenous people who live in and around the forest go to the forest to get plants that can be used to make herbal medicines. Hundreds of species of flower plants have got oils that can be extracted for making essential oils. They are important ingredients for food, medicine and cosmetics.
Our Source of Ground Water
Good and healthy forest in mountainous regions can keep higher percentage of rain water which can later be used by human during dry season. Water is the essence of life. We drink it, we use it when we cook our food, and we use it while taking a bath or washing our clothes. We need water to water our farmlands. We also use water when we wash our motorized vehicles. If we can preserve rainforest, we can continue to survive in this planet.
All living organisms in rainforest are connected in a complex food chain that supports a balanced ecosystem of the rainforest. For instance, when coastal birds catch fish at sea and eat them while sitting on branches of coastal trees, their poops that fall on the ground will become manure that fertilize the forest.

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