Monday, December 2, 2019

West Papua A Little Heaven on Earth

I made a collage of pictures about what I do to make a living yesterday. But I did not arrange pictures of me doing somehing. I only wanted to show to people the vocal points. I am a tourist guide. I organize tours in the forest for people to see tropical birds. One of them that has become the main target of observation is Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor). Locally, it is called Burung Cendrawasih. So, I arrange the picture of this beautiful bird on top of the collage. While traveling in the forest with tourists, I see unique tropical plants. There are big trees, shrub plants, lianas, but there are also small plants. The next photograph that I put in the collage is a small plant - terrestrial orchid flower.
West Papua is a little heaven that has fallen on earth
Natural Attractions of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef
Besides guiding tourists in the forest, I also guide tourists swimming and snorkeling at sea. So, I put a picture of Blue Sea Star. Well, that's some of the attractions that I and my clients see when we explore the natural beauty of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef. It is really a little heaven that has fallen on earth.
Most tourists who want to spend their vacation in West Papua go to Raja Ampat. They need to take international flight from their country to Jakarta. After that, they need to continue their flight to Sorong city. Domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, Batik Air and Lion Air provide regular flight services to Sorong city. A lot of hotels can be found in the city including Swissbel hotel, Fave Hotel, Belagri, Kyriad M hotel and etc.
Visitors can take a rest in Sorong city for 1 night or continue their trip directly to Waisai town by fast passenger ferry. At port of Waisai, they can continue their trip to any beach resorts or homestay which they have booked in one of the many islands of Raja Ampat. And that's where their adventure begins. - written by Charles Roring
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