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Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO stands for Virgin Coconut Oil. It is extracted from Coconut Fruit. The process is relatively easy for farmers or people who live in tropical region and who grow coconut trees in their farmlands. 
Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil
Usually mature coconut fruits that fell on the ground are collected and peeled off their husks. After that the hard kernel that protects the coconut meat is broken or cut. The meat is then grated and then pressed. Sometimes some water is added to extract more coconut milk from the grated meat. The coconut milk will be filtered to separate any dirts and left-over grated fiber from it. Boiling and deposition processes will separate water as well as other solid materials from the coconut oil.
Coconut has got huge variety of uses among people who live in tropical region
Coconut tree and its fruits
Virgin Coconut Oil is safe and edible. It looks like clear water when it has been filled into small bottles. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of VCO a few weeks ago. When I got some blisters after guiding 2 American tourists for 4 days in the forest, I applied the VCO on my affected skin. I felt much better after that. 
Coconut oil can also be used for massage to sooth muscles of a person that experienced severe tensions during hard work or strenuous exercises. For use as massage oil, the coconut oil is often mixed with aromatic essential oil from flowers or from nutmeg. Coconut oil can be applied to skin to protect it from excessive UV light. It can also be applied to hair to protect it from damage. Coconut oil has been used by people in tropical region for a large variety of uses from cooking food to making traditional medicine.
However, VCO is not the only oil that is available in the market. There are still other traditional oils such as Minyak Kayu Putih (Cajuput Oil), Minyak Tawon and a lot of other names that are popular among Indonesian people. I can write about them in other posts.
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