Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Sea as The Source of My Art Inspiration

The sea has always been the source of my art inspiration. I like drawing, watercolour painting, or creating digital illustrations of life at sea from a simple drawing of an outrigger boat to vector illustrations of whalesharks. I try my best to make the artworks as good and as clean as possible so that they will look great when printed on t-shirts, mugs, posters or drawstring bags.

In the process of creating my artworks, I use vector drawing software called Inkscape. Now because of the availability of digital drawing application such as Autodesk Sketchbook, I use it more frequently.
The sea as the source of my art inspiration
Art Illustration inspired from the sea
Drawing with Autodesk Sketchbook is more intuitive than drawing with vector drawing software such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. However, because they are vector drawing softwares, the illustrations created by them are scalable meaning that they can be enlarged without jeopardizing the quality of the artworks. 
I still use Autodesk Sketchbook when drawing illustrations for my digital artshop in Redbubble and Zazzle but I still spend significant amount of my time drawing sketches manually using pencil or pen on paper. By practicing sketching, I can continuously improving my drawing skill.
Well, I hope that I can create more illustrations about marine animals and life at coastal areas as a whole.
Most of my illustrations are now available as prints on t-shirts, tote bags, draw stripbags, bed cover, stickers, mugs, clocks and a lot more. Please, have a look at them at this link: Charles Roring's Art
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