Sunday, December 1, 2019

Secluded Beach

Raja Ampat islands are famous for their beautiful sceneries both above and under the water. These tropical islands attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. Most of them travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or sunbathing at white sandy beaches. They stay in nice beach resorts, or homestays. But there are also people who are interested in exploring more remote islands whose beaches are secluded and whose coral reefs are in pristine conditions. The followings are some of them:
Isanak Beach - This beach is located in Waim - a small uninhabited island in the east of Raja Ampat.
Swimming, snorkelung and sunbathing in Raja Ampat
A Secluded Beach in Raja Ampat
An empty beach in an uninhabited island of Waim in Raja Ampat
Waim island
This tropical island is surrounded by coral reef. So, it is very nice to enjoy swimming and snorkeling at this beach.
Yenandau Beach - This is a white sandy long beach in north east area of Raja Ampat. There no villages near the beach. So, it looks empty all the time. Swimming, sunbathing, fishing or hiking, rainforest tour and camping are the highly recommended activities which tourists can enjoy while traveling to this secluded beach.
Adventure travel to Indonesia
Yenandau beach of Raja Ampat
There are still a lot of secluded beaches that I haven't mentioned in this post. I may write about them later.
Empty beach in Raja Ampat
Snorkeling  tour to a secluded beach in Raja Ampat
Taking a tour to these secluded beaches is rather expensive because there are no regular ferry schedule.
Sometimes wealthy people who go to Raja Ampat bring their own private  superyacht or ships. Most often they cannot enter beaches that I mention un this blog because they are located in shallow water. They need small speed boats that could transfer passenger to one of the beaches.
Visitors or tour organizer need to charter motorized boat and prepare enough logistics (food, cooking utensils tents and other camping gear) before leaving. As a tourist guide, I organize adventure tour to these secluded beaches or uninhabited islands. If you are interested in visiting them, please, contact me by email to: or by whatsapp to: +6281332245180.
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