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Kofiau is the name of a group of islands in south-west region of Raja Ampat. Because of its remote location, very few tourists have visited it. To the west of Kofiau, there is another group of islands called Boo. It is surrounded by coral reef.
During diving season (October to June), some liveaboard ships go to Kofiau. There are tourists in the liveaboard ships who want to enjoy scubadiving in Kofiau. 
Coastal View of Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat
People can visit these islands by taking sea tour by a motorized boat. Every week, there are passenger ferries that connect Kofiau and Sorong city. Travelers who want to visit Kofiau can go to Pelabuhan Rakyat or Pelabuhan Pelni to check for ships and their departure schedules to Kofiau.
There are some villages in Kofiau islands. Most of the islanders work as fishermen. However, they do not have modern cold storage that can preserve their daily catch before it can be shipped to Sorong city. As a result, they could only sell the fish, sea cucumber and other marine products as dry products. People in Kofiau and Kepulauan Sembilan collect coconut fruits and smoke their meat (kernels) and sell them as kopra. 
Birding, hiking, island hopping, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling and fishing can be done in Kofiau. So, visitors are advised to bring all the necessary devices which they need during their trip around Kofiau.

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