Saturday, December 28, 2019

Apeng Kwetiau Medan

There is a famous Chinese food restaurant in Surabaya city. Its name is Apeng Kwetiau Medan located on Jalan Kedungdoro 267 Surabaya. It is always full with customers from morning until night time. The service is fast, and clean but the price is slightly higher than the average price of foods in similar restaurant in town.
Rumah Makan Cina di Surabaya
Rumah Makan Apeng
Every day, we can see people queuing outside of the resto waiting for their turn to eat their favorite menus in the restaurant. The employees of the restaurant put plastic seats outside of the resto for people who wait. They also check the number of each group of the visitors so that they can find the most suitable table for their customers.
Well, next time if you pass by this city, you can visit Apeng Kwetiau Medan to try some of its delicious foods.
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