World Population and Over Exploitation of Natural Resourses

Rapid Growth of Human Population
Today there are approximately 7.8 billion people (as of December 2019) living on planet earth. This number is growing every day at an alarming rate. We will need more food, clothing, housing, and transport vehicles in order to survive in this planet. As a result, we will exploit natural resources to get water, oil, wood, metals, and other minerals.
A few days ago, I visited a very big mall in Surabaya city of Indonesia. I saw various kinds of products that were offered by vendors in the mall. There are restaurants that sell foods of Chinese, Japanese, Western and Indonesian cuisines.  There are also stores that offer clothes, leather goods, footwear, toys, tools, furniture, jewelry, and smartphones, watches and everything that we use every day.
Tunjungan Plaza Mall in Surabaya city of Java island
A Shopping Center

Di ITC Mall Natal Dirayakan Dengan Tarian Tradisional

Kemarin siang, saya berkunjung ke ITC Mall di Surabaya. Ketika memasuki lantai 1, ada sebuah acara menarik yang digelar oleh pihak manajemen mall tersebut. Acara itu adalah Perayaan Natal. Kegiatan ini tidak bersifat ritual. Yang ada adalah pergelaran tari-tarian tradisional khas Jawa Timur. 
Christmas celebration in Indonesia
Traditional Dance Performance in ITC Mall of Surabaya
Pergelaran tari tersebut dihadiri oleh warga masyarakat yang berkunjung ke mall dari berbagai latar belakang budaya dan agama. Meskipun berlangsung sederhana, para penonton nampak gembira menyaksikannya, mereka bertepuk tangan kepada para penari setiap kali mereka menyelesaikan tariannya. Ini adakah bukti bahwa masyarakat Indonesia toleran dengan perbedaan budaya dan agama sekaligus menghargai kemajemukan.

English Version
Yesterday afternoon, I visited ITC Mall in Surabaya. When I entered the first floor of the shopping center, I saw an interesting event conducted by the management of the mall. It was a Christmas Celebration. However, it was not a ritual one. The celebration was carried out in the form of special exhibition of traditional dance from East Java.
Visitors and vendors from various cultural and religious background watched the performances. Although the celebration was a simple one, the audiences were very happy, they applauded the dancers every time a performance was completed.
This is a real evidence that people in Indonesia are tolerant with the differences in religion, culture and at the same time respect pluralism.

Becak in the Era of Grab-Bike and Gojek

Becak (human powered cycle rickshaw) is a mode of transportation that still exists in the era of Gojek and GrabBike. In cities and towns of Java island, becak drivers can still be found pedalling their tricycle taxis usually loaded with 1 or 2 passengers. Sometimes, becak drivers carry goods such as food materials from a traditional market or construction materials from a shop to a nearby housing area.

Apeng Kwetiau Medan

There is a famous Chinese food restaurant in Surabaya city. Its name is Apeng Kwetiau Medan located on Jalan Kedungdoro 267 Surabaya. It is always full with customers from morning until night time. The service is fast, and clean but the price is slightly higher than the average price of foods in similar restaurant in town.
Rumah Makan Cina di Surabaya
Rumah Makan Apeng
Every day, we can see people queuing outside of the resto waiting for their turn to eat their favorite menus in the restaurant. The employees of the restaurant put plastic seats outside of the resto for people who wait. They also check the number of each group of the visitors so that they can find the most suitable table for their customers.
Well, next time if you pass by this city, you can visit Apeng Kwetiau Medan to try some of its delicious foods. 

Hutan Kota di Surabaya Terbaik di Indonesia

Sudah beberapa hari ini saya jalan-jalan keliling Surabaya. Ini adalah kota ke- 2 terbesar di Indonesia. Kota pelabuhan, perdagangan, tapi juga disebut kota hijau.

Melihat-lihat Buku di Surabaya

Toko Buku Periplus di Galaxy Mall, Togamas di Jalan Semarang, Toko-toko Buku Bekas di Jalan Semarang
Tempat-tempat Penjualan Buku di Surabaya
Salah satu hobi saya adalah membaca. Ya, setiap hari saya membaca. Sering kali saya membaca e-book memakai tablet Samsung Tab A yang saya miliki tetapi terkadang juga saja membaca buku secara fisik. Kebanyakan buku yang saya baca adalah tentang ekologi, pariwisata, burung, serta teknologi informatika. Ketika saya bepergian ke kota-kota besar, saya akan selalu menyempatkan diri untuk berkunjung ke lapak-lapak penjual buku.
Kali ini, saya sedang berlibur di Surabaya dengan keluarga. Saya sudah berada di sini dari tanggal 23 Desember. Saya menjelajah toko-toko buku di Surabaya ini sejak tanggal 24 Desember. Toko Buku TOGAMAS di Jalan Diponegoro, Gramedia di Tunjungan Plaza 1 serta Bazar Buku di Lantai 1 City of Tomorrow Mall sudah saya kunjungi. Hari ini, di pagi hari, saya berkunjung ke toko-toko buku bekas di Jalan Semarang. Ternyata koleksi buku di sini banyak sekali. Saya menemukan beberapa judul menarik yang dijual dengan harga murah.

Marine Life at Sraoseri Beach of Mansinam Island

Sraoseri is the name of a beach in Mansinam island of Manokwari city. It is a nice place for tourists who are interested in snorkeling and freediving. Its coral reef is still in pristine condition and is the natural habitat a lot of species of marine animals. 
White sandy beach in tropical Mansinam island near Manokwari city
Sraoseri Beach in Mansinam island near Manokwari city

The Sea as The Source of My Art Inspiration

The sea has always been the source of my art inspiration. I like drawing, watercolour painting, or creating digital illustrations life at sea from a simple drawing of an outrigger boat to vector illustrations of whalesharks. I try my best to my the artworks as good and as clean as possible so that they look great when printed on t-shirts, mugs, posters or drawstring bags.
In the process of creating my artworks, I use vector drawing software called Inkscape. Now because of the availability of digital drawing application such as Autodesk Sketchbook, I use it more frequently.
The sea as the source of my art inspiration
Art Illustration inspired from the sea

Drawing with Autodesk Sketchbook is more intuitive than drawing with vector drawing software such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. However, because they are vector drawing softwares, the illustrations created by them are scalable meaning that they can be enlarged without jeopardizing the quality of the artworks. 
I still use Autodesk Sketchbook when drawing illustrations for my digital artshop in Redbubble and Zazzle but I still spend significant amount of my time drawing sketches manually using pencil or pen on paper. By practicing sketching, I can continuously improving my drawing skill.
Well, I hope that I can create more illustrations about marine animals and life at coastal areas as a whole.
Most of my illustrations are now available as prints on t-shirts, tote bags, draw stripbags, bed cover, stickers, mugs, clocks and a lot more. Please, have a look at them at this link: Charles Roring's Art

Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO stands for Virgin Coconut Oil. It is extracted from Coconut Fruit. The process is relatively easy for farmers or people who live in tropical region and who grow coconut trees in their farmlands. 
Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil

Freediving over Coral Reef

I like swimming and snorkeling as well as freediving. My main objective when doing freediving is to take pictures of fish and other marine creatures in coral reef area. To do freediving, I wear swim fins, snorkeling mask and snorkel. My usual camera is Fujifilm XQ2 which I put inside its waterproof case. Sometimes I use Nikon Coolpix AW130. 
To take pictures underwater, I always try to immerse my body so that I could be on the same eye level with the fish, coral reef or Christmas Tree Worm that I want to shoot. 

There are a lot of coral reef sites in West Papua. I freedive in Manokwari, coastal area of Tambrauw, Sorong and Raja Ampat. For me, the best place for marine environment is Raja Ampat. The marine life is abundant and the coral reef is in pristine condition.

Magnificent Riflebird Dances Like a Cheerleader

If Western Parotia dances like a ballerina, the Magnificent Riflebird dances like a cheerleader.
Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)
A Male Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)

Explore the Natural Beauty of West Papua

Papua Barat, also called West Papua, is a province of Indonesia. It attracts the attention of marine scientists because it has got the highest marine biodiversity in the world. Most of the land of West Papua is covered by tropical rainforest that is the habitat of birds of paradise, cuscus possum, colorful butterflies, and unique reptiles. Because I work as a tourist guide, I could explore a lot of places in this province appreciating its beautiful and pristine nature.
I usually bring digital camera with telephoto lens when I guide tourists in the forest. Canon 200D, en entry level D-SLR camera, and Tamron 150-600mm have been my photographic devices for nearly 2 years now. To watch tropical birds in high trees, I use a pair of Visionking 10×42mm binoculars. When I guide tourists, I bring my spotting scope Kinglux 20-60×60mm that is mounted on a tripod. There is also a laser pointer that I usually use to indicate the location of birds or wild animals that live in distant trees. However, I do not aim the laser pointer directly at the animals. I usually aim the pointer around 2 meters below the animals and inform my clients that the animal or bird is above the pointer. This is a good technique to respect the animal while we are watching it.
Traveling to Indonesia adventure in Raja Ampat
Natural Beauty of West Papua
If you are interested in exploring the natural beauty of West Papua and want me as your guide, please, contact me by email to: or whatsapp: +6281332245180.

West Papua A Little Heaven on Earth

I made a collage of pictures about what I do to make a living yesterday. But I did not arrange pictures of me doing somehing. I only wanted to show to people the vocal points. I am a tourist guide. I organize tours in the forest for people to see birds. One of the birds that has become the main target of observation is Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor). So, I arrange the picture of this beautiful bird on top of the collage. While traveling in the forest with tourists, I see unique tropical plants. There are big trees, shrub plants, lianas, but there are also small plants. The next photograph that I put in the collage is a small plant - terrestrial orchid flower.
West Papua is a little heaven that has fallen on earth
Natural Attractions of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef
Besides guiding tourists in the forest, I also guide tourists swimming and snorkeling at sea. So, I put a picture of Blue Sea Star. Well, that's some of the attractions that I and my clients see when we explore the natural beauty of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef. It is really a little heaven that has fallen on earth.
Most tourists who want to spend their vacation in West Papua go to Raja Ampat. They need to take international flight from their country to Jakarta. After that, they need to continue their flight to Sorong city. Domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, Batik Air and Lion Air provide regular flight service to Sorong city. A lot of hotels can be found in the city including Swissbelhotel, Fave Hotel, Belagri, Kyriad M hotel and etc.
Visitors can take a rest in Sorong city for 1 night or continue their trip directly to Waisai town by fast passenger ferry. At port of Waisai, they can continue their trip to any beach resorts or homestay which they have booked in one of the many islands of Raja Ampat.
And that's where their adventure begins.

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Secluded Beach

Raja Ampat islands are famous for their beautiful sceneries both above and under the water. These tropical islands attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. Most of them travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or sunbathing at white sandy beaches. They stay in nice beach resorts, or homestays. But there are also people who are interested in exploring more remote islands whose beaches are secluded and whose coral reefs are in pristine conditions. The followings are some of them:
Isanak Beach - This beach is located in Waim - a small uninhabited island in the east of Raja Ampat.
Swimming, snorkelung and sunbathing in Raja Ampat
A Secluded Beach in Raja Ampat
An empty beach in an uninhabited island of Waim in Raja Ampat
Waim island
This tropical island is surrounded by coral reef. So, it is very nice to enjoy swimming and snorkeling at this beach.


Kofiau is the name of a group of islands in south-west region of Raja Ampat. Because of its remote location, very few tourists have visited it. To the west of Kofiau, there is another group of islands called Boo. It is surrounded by coral reef.
During diving season (October to June), some liveaboard ships go to Kofiau. There are tourists in the liveaboard ships who want to enjoy scubadiving in Kofiau. 
Coastal View of Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat
People can visit these islands by taking sea tour by a motorized boat. Every week, there are passenger ferries that connect Kofiau and Sorong city. Travelers who want to visit Kofiau can go to Pelabuhan Rakyat or Pelabuhan Pelni to check for ships and their departure schedules to Kofiau.
There are some villages in Kofiau islands. Most of the islanders work as fishermen. However, they do not have modern cold storage that can preserve their daily catch before it can be shipped to Sorong city. As a result, they could only sell the fish, sea cucumber and other marine products as dry products. People in Kofiau and Kepulauan Sembilan collect coconut fruits and smoke their meat (kernels) and sell them as kopra. 
Birding, hiking, island hopping, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling and fishing can be done in Kofiau. So, visitors are advised to bring all the necessary devices which they need during their trip around Kofiau.

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A Visit to North-east Coast of Waigeo Island
Kabui Bay of Raja Ampat

Coastal Birds in Raja Ampat

The tropical beaches of Waigeo are getting famous as tourist destination. Visitors travel from Europe, North America, Australia, and Asian countries to enjoy their holiday here in Waigeo island. There are beach resorts and homestays that visitors can choose to stay to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scubadiving, and sunbathing. 
Beach Kingfisher (Todiramphus saurophagus)
Beach Kingfisher
There are also tourists who travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy birding. There are a lot of coastal birds which they can watch. As a tourist guide, I have organized birding tours for visitors who want to see coastal birds such as Crested Tern, Willie Wagtail, Spice Imperial Pigeon, Beach Kingfisher, Lesser Frigatebird, Striated Heron, Eastern Reef Egret, Pacific Swallow, Torresian Crow, Radjah Shelduck, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Beach-stoned Curlew, Singing Starling, White-breasted Woodswallow, Wimbrel, Plover, Moustached Treeswift, Eastern Osprey, and etc.