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Snorkeling Sites Near Waigeo Island of Raja Ampat

coral reef and tropical fish of mioskon island
Marine Life in Mioskon island of Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat islands are very important destination for marine tourism. People go there to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and even scuba diving. There are hundreds of coral reef sites in this archipelago which tourists can visit to enjoy snorkeling. The followings are the snorkeling sites that I recommend:

Warduwer Beach - this is a snorkeling site in southern coast of Waigeo island. It is the place of Raja Ampat Flow Resort. The coral reef here is the natural habitat of a lot of species of fish including Tasselled Wobbegong, Pink Anemonefish, Orange-skunk Anemonefish, Parrotfish, Red and Black Anemonefish, and a lot more. Snorkelers can also explore marine life along the reef flat, and reef crest areas to see Christmas Tree Worm, Sea Star, and Burrowing Clams. In outer reef area, more fish can be seen including parrotfish, butterflyfish, trevally, sweetlips, and even humphead wrasse.
Snorkeling tour in Raja Ampat
Coral reef in Raja Ampat
Lesser Urai Island - Where there is current, there is a lot of fish. Snorkelers can enjoy snorkeling here especially during high tide. A boat has to be hired in order to reach this island.
Mioskon Island - An empty island that is located near Gam island. Abundant marine life can be seen here from a small moorish idol to grouper and Black Tip Reef Shark. Snorkelers need a speed boat to go there.
Five Rocks - This is a famous snorkeling site near GAM islands. Visitors can go there to enjoy snorkeling to see hundreds of species of reef -fish including surgeonfish, butterflyfish, snappers, jacks, wrasse, reddish, parrotfish, hawkfish, grouper, and barracuda.
Gam Island - There are several snorkeling sites along the coastal area of Gam island that faces Kabui bay. Some are hidden behind rock islets that are scattered in the bay.
There are still tens of sites that are good for snorkeling. Visitors can explore them when traveling around Raja Ampat.
In addition to swimming and snorkeling, visitors can also take sightseeing boat tour, hiking and birdwatching trip to the rainforest of Waigeo where they can watch Red Bird of Paradise, Wilson's Bird of Paradise, Yellow-faced Myna, Torresian Crow, Eclectus Parrot, Shining Flycatcher, Rainbow Lorikeet.
Waim Island - This uninhabited island is located near Sopen village. It is surrounded by pristine coral reef. Here, we could see a lot of species of reef fish from anthias, sweetlips, surgeonfish, to grouper, wrasse, black tip reef shark. I used to see a nautilus shell at its beach.
Mamiaef - This is another small island in the territory of Sopen. The coral reef in the west of the island is the habitat of a lot of small fish.
Photographic Device
To take pictures underwater, we need waterproof camera. Sometimes I use Fujifilm XQ2 with its waterproof case and on the other occassions, I use Nikon AW 130. Visitors can choose better cameras with larger sensor if they want to enjoy snorkeling and make nice and high quality photos. Sony RX100 V with underwater housing, Sealife DC2000, or Canon G1X with water case should be considered.

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