Saturday, October 26, 2019

Queen of the Orchids in Waigeo island

When I visited northeast region of Waigeo island, I saw a large orchid plant on a big rock at Warebar beach. I approached the rock trying to find whether the plant had some flowers. It was around 4 meters or 13 feet above the ground. The flowers that I saw were the same as the orchid flowers in Yenpapir karst. When I did some research on the internet, I found that the flowers on the rock of Warebar beach were similar to Queen of the Orchids (Grammatophyllum speciosum) which was also called Tiger Orchid. But its labellum is puple-pink Perhaps, it was a sub-species or a different species at all. 
Close up photo of Waigeo's Queen of the Orchids

Waigeo's Queen of the Orchids on a big rock by the beach
Waigeo's Queen of the Orchids in the forest of Yenpapir Karst
Warebar is a beach in north-east coast of Waigeo island which has been famous as the nesting site of Leatherback Turtles. As a matter of fact, there are other species of sea turtles that land on the beach to lay eggs such as the Olive-ridley Turtle, Green Turtle and Hawksbill.
The rainforest inside Warebar river is worth visiting. It is the natural habitar of a lot of plants and animals including various species of orchid plants. Because my time in that place was very limited, I did not explore much of the forest.
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