Saturday, August 10, 2019

Digital Sketch of A Wooden Canoe

A few hours ago, I was in a fast passenger ferry traveling from Waisai town of Raja Ampat to Pelabuhan Rakyat (People's Harbor) of Sorong city. The boat was full of people both local and tourists. It took approximately 2 hours to reach Sorong.
I decided to open Autodesk Sketchbook application and began to draw. At first, I did not know what to draw. I just drew lines after lines and then they slowly formed an object that I frequently saw at sea when traveling in Raja Ampat. It was a small canoe. Usually both ends of it were pointed. But here, in this archipelago, people cut one of its end to form a flat stern where they could install a small outboard engine. A 15 horse power engine was the usual prime mover of the boat. However, if the boat was bigger, it could be installed with one or two 40-hp Yamaha outboard engines. This motorized canoe was used by islanders to transport people and goods. They often raised the walls of the canoe by adding wooden planks and reinforced them with wooden ribs.
I continued to draw the background of the boat by adding green vegetation. In thirty minutes, I was able to finish my drawing.
Sketch of wooden boat from Raja Ampat
Dug out Canoe from Raja Ampat islands
After that I took a short brake by trying to lean and sleep on the upright seat of the boat. Well, I could only close my eyes without fully falling asleep. Arriving in Sorong, I continued my trip to KFC fast food resto in Saga Mall to have my late lunch.
Well, I am now in the KFC writing this post about the dug-out canoe that I drew while in the fast ferry boat.
Some children in Numfor island were playing with canoe.
Children in Numfor island were playing with canoes
Several years ago, I guided two Dutch ladies on a vacation trip to Numfor island. We enjoyed swimming and snorkeling as well as birdwatching. We stayed at a small wooden house at a beach. During low tide, we could walk far towards the sea. There were sea stars in the sea grass, small reef fish and other marine creatures that we could see during the low tide. It was a nice trip. We spent around 1 week exploring the island. by Charles Roring.
Reef-fish art
Surgeonfish and coral reef

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