Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eruption of Mount Soputan

Mount Soputan is an active volcano in North Sulawesi. This photo was taken by Charles Roring using Canon 200D and 600 mm lens from Tomohon town
Mount Soputan
I am now traveling with several tourists from Taiwan on a birding tour across Sulawesi and Halmahera islands. This trip has been an extraordinary adventure for us because we experienced huge earthquake in Palu city of Central Sulawesi and saw the eruption of Mount Soputan in Minahasa.
For me earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption are processes of nature that have happened millions of years before the introduction of concepts of religions into mankind. These natural phenomenons are not the punishment from God to human being so that they will repent from their sins. People may think that these natural disasters are bad things to ever happen to us. For me, personally, it is the best time to learn, understand, appreciate and respect nature.
Most of the time, it is not easy for us to live in harmony with nature. Men often exploit natural resources irresponsibly. Illegal logging, the use of trawl net at the bottom of the sea, or the excessive use of toxic materials to control pest in farmland are some of the many examples that occur every day.
Visiting Minahasa is an exciting moment for me. I can see mountains, and valleys. I begin to fall in love with this land. I hope that I can return very soon to Minahasa.

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