Monday, November 20, 2017

Common Paradise Kingfisher

Rainforest birding tour in West Papua
Common Paradise Kingfisher
Here is the photograph of Common Paradise Kingfisher that I saw in Susnguakti forest of Arfak range when I guided a Filipino lady for 3 days/ 2 nights on a hiking and birding tour in the area. Actually, we were not waiting for the Kingfisher. What we were waiting for was Lesser Birds of Paradise. We sat silently on the ground under some trees while listening to the calls of the paradise birds on the canopy of the forest. Suddenly, the Common Paradise Kingfisher landed on the branch of a tree just a few meters from me. I quickly aimed my Fujifilm HS50EXR at the bird and pressed the shutter button of my camera several times. Seconds later, the bird flew away again. Actually, I used to see the same bird several months earlier in the same place where I made good photographs of the Paradise Kingfisher. During the tour, we also saw Dwarf Cassowary, Hooded Butcherbird and the Lesser Birds of Paradise that we were waiting for.
This Common Paradise Kingfisher can also be seen in Waigeo island of Raja Ampat and even in Halmahera island. Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher looks similar to the Common Paradise Kingfisher but its tails are thicker.

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