Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swimming with Whaleshark

Vector illustration of whaleshark
Vector Drawing
When I made figure drawing of the lady, I paid special attention to the balanced proportions of her body, legs and arms with the giant fish. It is a general rule which all artist must do. However, in this drawing of female swimmer, I gave more attention on size comparison between the human figure and the whaleshark. This fish was several times bigger than the swimmer. I had to make sure that the drawing was relevant with the real scene. The female figure should not be too small or too big.
Sketch of a lady swimming with whaleshark
Pencil Sketch of Female Swimmer and Whaleshark
Digital Drawing
Because  the main objective was to depict the underwater scene of how a female swimmer encounter a big fish at sea, the vocal point was not in drawing detailed parts of the body of the fish and the swimmer but in correct size comparison of the female figure and the fish.
When I re-drew the sketch in Inkscape, I moved the swimmer in more inclined position to show that she was freediving towards the giant fish.
Inkscape was a vector illustration software that was available for free to graphic design artist. Because the original file format was created as vector file, it could be exported to png file in any size. The problem was that the software was not as intuitive as other drawing program such as Autodesk Sketchbook, Artrage, or Artflow. There was Adobe Draw whose file was a vector one and its use was very intuitive as Sketchbook or Artrage or the manual paper and pencil drawing. I will discuss them in my later works if I have got the time.
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